What areas do the reports cover?
All the important ones.

Which ones are not important?
Think of it this way. If a question leads to more questions instead of actions, it's less important than questions that don't.

Is my data transmitted securely?
Does your analytic data hold the key to life's mysteries? If Yahoo found out that Google was getting more visitors do you think they'd freak out?

Is my data secure?
No idea. You'd have to ask Google about that. The site peeks at the data and then makes judgements based on what it sees. Your data is not captured or stored in any way by us.

What am I supposed to do with the reports?
Let me spell it out to you. Your getting $100/hr consulting information for free. A real marketing human being, too busy to talk to you on the phone, evaluates your data via web scripts and gives you the same advice that everyone else gets.

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